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Black Vinegar Collection: Influenced by Hip-Hop

Washington, D.C. Fashion designer and creative director of the Black Vinegar Collection, Taneisha Hasan established her clothing line after looking for t-shirts that represented her individuality and love for hip-hop.

After an extensive search for such a t-shirt, she decided to open an online e-commerce store in 2017. At first, she only provided a limited-edition apparel collection every month. “Once the item has sold out or when a new month begins, it is no longer available for purchase.“ says Taneisha Hasan. Since launching her collection, Taneisha has also established an accessory and wellness collection.

To learn more about the Black Vinegar Collection and when a collection is debuting, visit

About The Black Vinegar Collection

Black Vinegar Collection is an independent clothing brand influenced by hip-hop culture. Our goal is to create pieces that highlight the unique styles of hip-hop artists through the use of their lyrics. Through Black Vinegar Collection, we hope to encourage individuality, self-love, and a bit of laughter!

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