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Community Supports A 120-Year-Old Historical Black-Owned Business

Richmond, Va. – Waller & Company Jewelers, a 120-year-old historical black-owned business in Richmond, Virginia, was recently the target of vandalism early Saturday morning, May 30, 2020. They quickly replaced the broken windows, but only to get hit a second time. Early Sunday morning, a group of ten individuals broke into the store, vandalizing the place, and took merchandise inside their showcase.  

The company was started by David Waller’s great grandfather Marcellus Carrington Waller in 1900. Since then, the store has gone through the Great Depression, WWI & II, civil unrest, and several recessions. Lately, it has faced business shutdowns due to COVID-19 and now the latest act of vandalism. But through it all, when the community found out about the news, they came quickly to support them.

Within hours of the second wave of vandalism, a group, ranging from 60 to a hundred individuals, arrived from different sororities and fraternities to clean the place and support the business through purchases. A while later, members of a Masonic lodge and other volunteers helped cut plywood the city donated to board up the store. 

When asked by Dana Perino, host of The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino, about the support they have received, David Weller said, “We’ve got a great support system here in Richmond. We’ve got some wonderful customers and people who love us and support us.”

To learn more about the company and its history, visit

To help support Waller & Company Jewelers, you can visit their GoFundMe campaign by clicking here

About Waller & Company Jewelers

Founded in 1900, Waller & Company Jewelers is the country’s premier African-American family-owned full-service retail jewelry business. Since Marcellus Carrington Waller (M.C.), the grandfather of the owner, started the company, the Wallers have provided Richmond area families with excellent watch and jewelry repairs and quality jewelry.

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