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Dos LatinX Entrepreneurs Build An Empire

Tampa, Fla. Established in 2019, Empire Bay Marketing (EBM) was founded by the dynamic team of Laura Morera and Jomely Breton, two LatinX entrepreneurs, influencers, and marketing strategists in the Tampa area. The agency’s mission is to help LatinX entrepreneurs and small business owners build their business empire through pristine marketing. 

Co-Founder Laura Morera grew up in a small business family and is aware of the challenges that Latino entrepreneurs face daily. That’s why she and her Co-Founder Jomely Breton are so dedicated and excited to provide customized solutions in branding strategy, social media strategy, advertising campaign management, and influencer strategy to growing businesses. 

To learn more about EBM’s Unstoppable The Mastermind Zoom virtual event on Thursday, May 7th starting at 2:00 PM and running until 5:00 PM, click here

To learn more about EBM’s services and how to build your own empire, click here.

About Empire Bay Marketing

Empire Bay was founded on the idea that every business no matter the size, or the background can build their empire through pristine marketing.

We customize our marketing solutions per client in order to help scale and revitalize businesses of all sizes and industries. We are not like every other agency. We have an a la carte menu within our packages to best cater to your business.

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