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Fashion, Fitness, Faith: The Core of De La Cross Fit Apparel

Los Angeles, Cal.When times are tough, it is faith that keeps us going. Faith in God, in oneself, and in the kindness of others. For De La Cross Fit Apparel creator and founder, Brandon Cruz, it has been a combination of all three. A trinity, you might say.  

When he lost his job as an audio engineer for a reality tv show due to the pandemic shutdown in March, Brandon had no other choice but to move forward and start a business to support his family. Putting faith in the talent God has given him to create eye-catching designs, Brandon sat down with his brother Shah Martinez to start a fitness apparel clothing line. An idea he had been toiling with for three years, but now with more time on his hands, he was able to forge ahead to form De La Cross Fit Apparel. 

To honor Brandon’s great grandfather Justo De La Cruz, who immigrated to the United States from Puerto Rico in the 1920s, he used the first part of his last name and changed Cruz to Cross. This play on words from Spanish to English or Spanglish represents both his Latino heritage and Christian beliefs. Cruz is the Spanish word for Cross. Brandon is a fourth-generation American who grew up in New York City.

“The vision of De La Cross is to inspire transformation through positivity, encouragement, and community,” says Brandon Cruz. “To be a better person today than we were yesterday.”

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About De La Cross Fit Apparel

De La Cross Fit Apparel represents the wisdom seekers, the spiritual trailblazers, and the explorers of discernment who are conditioning mind and body in their quest to be the absolute best versions of themselves within and without.

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