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Introducing... The Entrepreneurist

There is a need to share the stories of Latino entrepreneurs and talk about the issues that affect our small business community.

Hi, everyone. I'm Juan Torrico. I am an entrepreneur, small business advocate, and photographer. I am excited to have launched The Entrepreneurist several months ago to share the stories of Latino entrepreneurs and small business owners in our local communities.

I have enjoyed writing about these incredible individuals who have set out to start their ventures and make an impact in their community. Still, with so much going on in these unrestful times, I believe that I must also cover the issues that affect Latino entrepreneurs. Latino entrepreneurs have many obstacles to overcome, and I hope this space would be a beacon of hope and voice for a community in which I have advocated for over two decades.

I look forward to sharing more of these magnificent stories, cover the pressing topics that affect our community, talk about different trends in the market, and recommend books, podcasts, and articles on subjects that you might find interesting and helpful.

About Me:

For over two decades, I have dedicated time, money, and effort to promoting Latino representation in STEM, entrepreneurial ventures, and media. I have volunteered for or worked with many national and local organizations such as the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Education-Based Latino Outreach, U.S. Hispanic Youth Entrepreneurship Education, Minority Business RoundTable, and Latin é to name a few.

I am currently the social media manager and staff photographer for the 12th largest transit agency in the country and founder of TorricoMedia.

(Updated: 10/20/2020)

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