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Live Savage Every Day with Savage Woods Apparel

Los Angeles, Cal. — Reginald T. Savage Woods was born and raised in Compton, Cal., he played football for his local high school and aspired to become an entrepreneur and music artist someday. He attended Tuskegee University, a private, historically black university in Alabama where he earned his degree in Business Administration while playing defensive end for the Golden Tiger on a full football scholarship.

After graduating from college, he joined the ranks of his classmates and started working in corporate America. But after five years of working for someone else, Woods decided that he needed to create something that would be an extension of his brand, move him towards financial freedom, and support his musical ambition.

While growing up, Woods had a strong sense that he would be a fantastic entrepreneur and music artist one day, but he felt he didn't have the proper direction. As an adult with experience under his belt, a burning desire to build a brand that exemplifies what he stands for, and a clear strategy to reach his goals, he set out to establish Savage Woods Apparel.

"I feel that you can be and do anything you want in this life, as long as you stay dedicated to the path you selected, and be true to yourself. My name is Savage, so I Live Savage every day," says Woods.

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About Savage Woods Apparel

Savage Woods Apparel is a brand that is here to motivate you to Live Savage and take life head-on. You can do anything when you do everything, Savage.

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