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Social Distancing: The New Business Normal

Sterling, Va. — These past few weeks have taught us that we can still conduct business while doing our part to flatten the curve. It has taken a while to get to where we are now, but if we continue to practice common sense guidelines such as social distancing, washing our hands frequently, staying home if sick, and wearing a face-covering in close quarters, we should be able to move through phase one of the recovery without an increase in new cases. 

Major big-box retailers have found ways to provide service while keeping people safe in the last few weeks. Having too many people in one place is a recipe for business disaster. In South Korea, 24 new cases appeared on the weekend of May because an individual who tested positive visited five nightclubs.

As a society, it is important that we work together to stop the coronavirus spread. Practicing social distancing is vital in the protection of the most vulnerable in our communities as well as crucial in the survival of local and small businesses. The longer it takes to flatten the curve, the longer it will take to stabilize our economy. 

Many are anxious to get back to normal, but it will take a while before we get there. In the meantime, we must continue to implement best business practices such as providing curbside pickup, online ordering, and limiting the number of people allowed in a store. 

For more information on best practices, visit the CDC's business page here.

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