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Support Small Business Owners

Shop Local: Three Online Stores to Support During Small Business Saturday

Potomac Falls, Va This Saturday is Small Business Saturday, and many local and online stores are hoping that this weekend will help them make up for lost revenues these past few months because of COVID.

This global pandemic has been a challenge for many small business owners, and even though many local shops have closed, many new ones have opened their retail stores online. These new stores have carved out a niche on a single market or specialized on a small group of products to stand out above the rest. They also choose not to go the traditional route of opening up a brick and mortar store but instead focusing on doing business online.

Below are three online stores you could support this coming Saturday:

Sleeping with an Angel - Book & CD Giveaway

Is a Rock Novel by Roger Campos about a Washington lobbyist's spiritual journey from the depths of hell to ultimate redemption with help from his Guardian Angel. To win a signed author's collectors edition, visit

De La Cross Fit Apparel - 25% Until Monday

De La Cross Fit Apparel represents the wisdom seekers, the spiritual trailblazers, and the explorers of discernment who are conditioning mind and body in their quest to be the absolute best versions of themselves within and without. To place your order, visit

E's Barber Care - Baltimore Area Only - Bundle Special $40

E’s Beard Care products now available in the shop on Saturdays from 1:00 PM to 4:00 pm. To purchase their bundle beard care products, visit their Instagram profile. Online orders can be picked up in the shop on Saturdays.

Roger Campos and the owners of E’s Beard Care are clients of TorricoMedia. TorricoMedia is a digital agency for the modern day entrepreneur and influencer. The Entrepreneurist is the digital publication division of TorricoMedia Inc.

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