The Journey

It's been a long journey, but my side hustle is now a real business

The journey of my side hustle is now a real business

It has taken a while to find my path as an entrepreneur and, more importantly, a business owner. For years I worked with many entrepreneurs helping build their companies. I either took on the role of a consultant or executive director but never had control of the organization's path or a real stake in the company's success until now.

I started this journey back in the winter of 2019 when I launched MStreetPR. My first gig was to photograph the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce annual gala. It was a great event, but more importantly, it was the first time I sponsored an event with my own logo.

I only had a few weeks to come up with a name that represented the service I would provide, and my dream was to help local small and midsize businesses tell their own stories through social media. That is how MStreetPR was born.

I worked under the name MStreetPR for about a year, but the name did not match my brand. I was not a traditional PR firm. I provided more. Looking to brand my blog and service as two different entities, I created The Entrepreneurist a digital publication that documents and promotes the stories of underrepresented entrepreneurs in underserved communities and TorricoMedia as the service side digital media agency, providing social media, photography, and paid media services.

Putting my side hustle together has taken me over two years. It's still my side hustle, but it's now a real business.