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Waterfront Academy Connects with Students Through Distance Learning

Washington, D.C. Waterfront Academy in Washington, D.C. is finding new ways to work with students and parents during these challenging times. Head of School Melissa Rohan has stated that she is committed to the safety and lifelong learning of the students attending the dual-immersion (Spanish and English) faith-based Montessori school. 

Rohan sees this challenge as an opportunity to learn and gain a more meaningful connection with others in keeping with the Waterfront Academy's core Montessorian belief, which is rooted in the power of human connection and adaptation. Inspired by these beliefs, Waterfront Academy has developed several distance learning strategies to work with students and has shared these strategies with other educators across the country. 

To find out what makes the Waterfront Academy community special and schedule a virtual tour, visit and click on Book Online.

About Waterfront Academy

Waterfront Academy is a dual-immersion (Spanish and English) faith-based Montessori school with an emphasis on charity and stewardship in the Catholic tradition. We serve children between the ages of 18 months to 8th grade through several of our programs.

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